GREENHOUSE Humidification Services

Most greenhouses today are using 50 year old technology that does not allow for the "balanced" control of humidity needed for year-round propagation of plants.

Wizard Systems using high-pressure fog create the needed humidity at an instant (less than 60 seconds) with automatic integrated controls while reducing water usage by 80%, year round. We do not operate below 1500 PSI due to plant water stress of Mist. We humidify (1500 psi) for the plants to absorb moisture at the recommended RH % required for the plant's normal qrowth. A misting system will promote fungus and water stress (wetting).

Go from 10% to 100% humidity in 60 seconds!

The Wizard System stands alone in engineering and reliability and can help you cut costs while quadrupling productivityOur custom-built greenhouse fogging systems are more efficient than swamp cooling or drip irrigation, and deliver just the right measure of moisture to your plants. Use your greenhouse all year long and increase your yields by as much as 95%!

How Greenhouse Humidification Works

Whether you are a pleasure greenhouse gardener or you own a commercial greenhouse, it must first be understood that, for better or worse, each plant will grow with the changing conditions provided inside of the greenhouse. Two important dynamics that implement change in greenhouse plants are temperature and humidity. Temperatures are due partly to the quantity of light and can vary the density and humidity which, in turn, can create moisture in the air. The heat and changing climate condition that may occur in greenhouse gardens ultimately modify the plant growth inside.

Sunlight and proper temperature settings are needed in order to maintain photosynthesis in all of the plants. The needed amount of sunlight depends on the time of year. Too much sun exposure can be experienced during the summer season while too little can be recieved in the winter. It is important to have a superior cooler system, lighting system and Fog Wizard humidifying system to maintain a balanced temperature year round in your greenhouse. For growers operating without heaters in winter, the Fog Wizard System can act as a thermal blanket to provide a degree of frost protection. In a severe freeze, frost damage to the plant tissue will be reduced.

The Fog Wizard System is ideal for all these specialized growing situations: Propagation, Germination, Rooting and Tissue Culture for Plug Production. Leading university reports including horticulturists all confirm that a high pressure fogging system is virtually mandatory for plug production, achieving a high success rate with rapid growth. The high pressure fogging created by the Fog Wizard System will allow a higher level of oxygen to get to the rooting structure of the plug, a major factor in successful propagation.

Up to 95% relative humidity without condensation can be achieved. Humidity levels will be uniform throughout your greenhouse and precisely controlled. In the winter, The Fog Wizard System will prevent your crop dehydrating from the effects of your heating system.


Benefits of Greenhouse Humidification

  • Promotes faster growth
  • Increases yields up to 95%
  • Improves plant quality
  • Reduces plant diseases
  • Provides frost protection
  • Regulates temperature and humidity levels year round
  • Reduces water usage up to 80%
  • Prevents crop dehydration

We recommend that you seek consulting from our horticulture expert, Steve, on the exact needs of your greenhouse and the plants you are propagating.

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