"Why, so many of your Pecans Neighbors use our high pressure misting systems to cool their backyards

"Did you know your patio, pool and backyard areas could (easily and inexpensively) feel 20-30 degrees cooler... even on the hottest Arizona summer days?"

See the convenient solutions your neighbors use to make their backyards cool. comfortable, and even more beautiful all 12 months of the year.

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  1. FAQ: "Frequently Asked Questions" - about High Pressure Mist Cooling at The Pecans, AZ.
  2. "Case Studies" from your neighbors (We've been helping residents with misting solutions for years.)
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What Makes The pecans So Special?

• The people love the lifestyle choices.

• They love being outdoors, as much as they can.

• They love smart design and convenience.

• People love entertaining their friends and family in their beautiful backyards.

• The people really appreciate quality craftsmanship.

FAQ: "Frequently Asked Questions" - about High Pressure Misting at The pecans, AZ

Q: What does high pressure misting really do?

A: We use industrial-strength, high-pressure pumps and motors to vaporize water into tiny vapor droplets - and when these droplets evaporate they create a cooling effect that cools you, your animals, and your outdoor play and entertainment areas by 20-30 degrees.

Q: How is a high pressure misting system different - from the misting systems I can get at home depot?

A: 2 Words "Dry & Comfortable" instead of "wet and frustrated."The higher the PSI (pounds per square inch) the smaller the droplets it makes, and the smaller the droplets the more cooling evaporation that is available. Our systems work at 1,200 PSI, the system you get from home depot runs off your garden hose and only produces 30 PSI. Thats why you get drips and feel wet - because there is not enough power to make tiny droplets for rapid evaporation.

Q: What can a high pressure misting system do for me and my family?

A: Think of it as a complete backyard cooling, cleaning, and beautification utility system. We're specialists at maximizing your benefits.


✓You can use it to cool your patio.

✓To reduce dirt & dust from coming in your home.

✓You can use it to control insects.

✓You can use it to cool your animals.

✓You can use it to cool your pool deck your sitting area or your bar-b-cue.

✓You can use it to cool the play area for your grand kids.

✓You can use it to add perfumed scents to your backyard.

✓You can use it to add beautiful lighted fog effects all over your property.

Because your misting system has 1,200 PSI power you can use it to add cleaning or power washing stations all over your property:

✓Power wash the dust off the patio.

✓Clean your patio furniture.

✓Water, clean, and knock the dead leaves off plants & vines while you get rid of pesky cobwebs.

✓Power clean you car or golf cart.

✓Power rinse the dust off your windows.

✓There are 100's of uses, listed in our FREE Pecans Misting Magic report.

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High Pressure Misting Case Studies @ The pecans

How Your Neighbors Took Control Of The Weather In Their Backyards!



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